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Are you sleeping with the enemy? 11 Tips to Control Dust Mites at Home

Studies show that dust mites are some of the main components of household dust and that in all residences, there are several species of these microscopic enemies. They prefer and thrive on porous and moist places, especially those that offer them a food source (fragments of skin, fungi). Mites are most often found on our mattresses, pillows, blankets, sofas, rugs, curtains, and stuffed animals.

11 ways to control dust mites

Below are tips to help with the control mites in the home:

1 – Control humidity, ventilating rooms daily, especially bedrooms.

2 – Expose mattresses, pillows, duvets, cushions, and cushions to the sun. By placing these items in the sun will help to eliminate mites present on the surface but also to those mites that are in deeper regions of the fabric.

3 – Use anti-mite covers on mattresses and pillows, preferably cotton. Anti-mite covers make it impossible for mites to infiltrate our bedding, allowing for a more pleasant sleeping environment.

4 – Every week, be sure to change and bed sheets, pillowcases, and blankets. When washing, use hot water that is over 131°F.  This same procedure is suggested when storing garments for a long time.

5 – After washing your clothes, if you do not use them, store them in vacuum-packed storage bags.  Doing so will protect them from fungi, bacteria, and mites.

6 – Do not use feather blankets and pillows.

7 – When you wake up, wait at least 1 hour to make the bed, or do it later, so that the humidity and sweat that the body excretes during the night is dissipated.

8 – Use high-efficiency vacuum cleaners equipped with HEPA filters.  These filters retain more than 99% of the microscopic particles, including dust mites and allergens.

9 – To clean furniture and floors where no vacuum cleaner is used, you should only use a damp cloth to avoid dust from being dispersed.

10 – Use an air purifier.  An air purifier will drastically reduce the amount of dust mite allergens, fungi, bacteria, and viruses in your home. It can also alleviate allergic diseases and prevent them from appearing.

11 – Your child’s cuddly toys can accumulate so many mites.  It is essential to try to keep a select number of stuffed animals in their room.  Here are a few steps to follow regarding the cleaning of cuddlies:

● When there is no risk of fading, cuddly toys should be washed in water temperature that is over 131 ° F.  If there are sunny days ahead, place them outdoors after washing!

● Using a dryer will also aid in the process of mite reduction because of the high temperature and by removing the moisture quickly.

● For small toys –  place them in the freezer for 24 hours. This technique kills mites but can also increase the humidity/moisture of the material, so immediately place the toy in the sun, so that it can dry quickly.


Studies show that 100 dust mites per gram of dust are responsible for generating allergy sensitization, with reactions that may be less severe. Five hundred dust mites per gram of dust can lead to an allergic or asthmatic crisis.

A mattress can contain 10 million mites! While we cannot eliminate them completely, it is essential for those with allergies to take measures that we help reduce the amount of these microscopic pests in our home. Keep your home clean and dry.  Control the humidity in the house as moisture is a factor in keeping mites alive

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