The air in our homes can be up to 100x more polluted than the outside air

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Testimonials about Airfree

My asthma has affected my quality of life considerably in the last few years: every few days my chest would be "on fire", my throat sore and raw, my mouth dry... Having given up my inhaler, I've tried Chinese medicine, therapeutic massage, attempted Buteyko breathing, modified my diet, etc. Then I was given an Airfree - surely such a small gadget would have little impact I thought. A week of running it in my bedroom, I began to feel better and wake up with a clearer chest and no sore throat! It's now been a month and I have not an asthma attack at all. What can I say except that it works - buy it, buy one for every room! 

Mrs Alice Ellis-Smith



As a longstanding allergy sufferer from dustmites, hay fever and many other things I think the product is fantastic. I have it plugged in my bedroom and whenever I am suffering I can go in that room and within about 20 minutes I am 100% better, even with the window open




I now have 2 units for over 2 months, and my problems are gone! A P2000 in the living room and a P1000 in the bedroom have solved everything. No more allergy medication, no more suffering, and I can even playh with the fuzz ball a little bit.

Mickey Sachs