The air quality inside your home greatly affects your quality of life. The presence of bad odours and polluted air in your own home can disrupt that quality of life, and bring about breathing discomfort. It is therefore highly recommended to invest in a quality Air Steriliser to ensure that the air within your own comfort zone is kept clean and fresh.


Most common odour and air pollutants in your home include:

• Kitchen Odour: Most commonly derived from cooking smell and waste build-up, these odour tend to linger within your kitchen and even on your furniture, making it difficult to remove. Having an Airfree Air Steriliser in the kitchen perfectly sterilises the air and provides the much needed ventilation to keep your kitchen smelling clean and fresh even after cooking.

• Pet Odour: Pet owners usually have to deal with the musk released from their pets, alongisde pet dander, which may trigger allergic reactions. Most importantly, odour from pet waste is a challenging issue especially when your pet has a habit of littering around the house. Airfree Air Sterilisers can not only remove the odours, but also sterilise the air to destroy the bacteria and allergens in the air.

• Bathroom and Damp Odour: Most bathrooms are affected by high humidity as they are not built with proper ventilation. Hence, there is a higher concentration of mould, pollutants and bacteria causing bathrooms to smell. Airfree Air Sterilisers are capable of removing the musty smell, by removing the mould and bacteria in the air thus, eliminating the smells that they produce.

• Smoke Odour: Households with cigarette smokers tend to find that their home has a strong, lasting smell due to the odour and pollutants released from cigarettes. Not only is this unhealthy, it also leaves an unpleasant smell around the home which can easily put off any visitors entering your home. Invest in an Air Steriliser to get rid of such pollutants and odour, and sterilise the air from the carcinogens released by cigarettes.