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How to Protect Children from Allergic Diseases

How to Protect Children from Allergic Diseases

Learn ways parents can take care of their children to avoid illness at this season

We are currently at the beginning of the infectious, allergic disease season. When it comes to children, special attention should be made as their immunologic system is still forming.  Young children typically inhale more air and more frequently than older children and adults making them more susceptible to sickness, germs and even more, allergic diseases.  

When it comes to the flu, allergies, and other respiratory diseases, it is imperative to see a pediatrician as soon as possible so that they can provide them with treatment. 

Below is a list of suggested tips to help protect your child(ren) from Allergic Diseases

1 – Rinse their nostrils with saline at least twice a day. In addition to removing impurities, saline increases the nose hair movement, helping to fulfill its role as the first defense of an organism upon entry of allergenic and infectious agents.

2 – Offer them plenty of liquid, especially water. Water is the primary fluid for activating the immunologic system. During the fall and winter months, many forget to drink water, so be aware and make it a healthy choice and habit. 

3 – Invest in healthy eating by offering and preparing your children fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, and oilseeds. This kind of diet provides anti-inflammatory substances that are very important in the fight against allergies. Choose from: nuts, broccoli, dark leafy greens, and Omega-3 fatty fish such as herring, salmon, sardine, and sole.

4 – Choose a less crowded place for your children to play. At this time of the year, people tend to stay more in indoor areas that have less air circulation, which creates the perfect environment for the transmission of diseases through the air and surfaces.  

5 – Always have an alcohol-based hand sanitizer readily available. When it is not possible to wash your hands, use it to sanitize your child’s hands, especially before they eat and after they play.  

6 – Ensure that your child(s) vaccination schedule is up to date.  

7 – Doing a monthly inspection of your rooms to detect mold growth. Pay attention to potential leaks and infiltrations. Should you discover a mold issue, clean walls, and household items with hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectants. Pay particular care when it comes to fragile and sensitive materials when cleaning. 

8 – Don’t forget to wash clothes that have been stored for a long time, especially blankets. Stored fabric is the perfect environment for mites and mold.

9 – Always avoid having porous materials in your child(s) room. In case of allergies, this is a good time of the year to put away curtains, rugs, and any unused cuddly toys. Children love their cuddly toys, so we recommend washing them regularly with hot water temperatures above 131°F