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Pregnancy and Air Quality

Pregnancy and Air Quality

Women’s lifestyles tend to change significantly when they are pregnant. They cut back on caffeine, avoid certain foods, eat healthier, and try to walk more. One area that is often overlooked is the quality of air they breathe every day. Air quality has a noteworthy effect on the health of mother and baby and should be treated as such. Being in the womb is one of the most vulnerable timeframes for an infant. While in the womb, the fetus is undergoing developmental and physical changes that are enormously effected by their immediate environment. Poor air can cause respiratory problems for both mother and baby.

Evidence released by UCLA shows that environmental exposures can cause prematurity, low weight and birth defects. The mortality rate for infants is higher when they begin their life with these obstacles in their way. Infants who are born with these obstacles are also more vulnerable to additional environmental exposure than those who are born without them. High levels of carbon monoxide and particulate matter can increase mortality rate for infants.

Genetic factors are also responsible for a person’s predisposition to contracting allergies as they cause sensitivity and inflammatory reactions. When inhaled, some substances can be transported through the placenta, such as cigarette smoke and some airborne allergens.When the fetus has contact with these substances it an intrauterine sensitivity can occur. Because of these findings it is important to maintain air quality that is as pure as possible in areas where the pregnant mother spends most of her time. Welcome your child into a world of fresh air with an Airfree purifier.